The Warehowz cloud-based platform offers unprecedented value with access to new clients and streamlined processes.

Warehowz = Value

At Warehowz, we value our warehouse partners.  It’s free to list your warehouse on our platform to showcase the unique value and offerings that you bring to your clients.

  • Access to a pipeline of clients to fill underutilized capacity.

  • Due to high-quality projects and the Warehowz client management team, negotiating and onboarding processes are easy.

  • Provides a single intuitive platform to manage inventory and movements for an array of clients. The Warehowz solution brings visibility and works in parallel with your existing WMS.

  • Facilitates fast, secure payment within the platform.

  • No commitments up front, only accept projects that work for your business.

Warehowz = Resources

Our warehouse partners also are our clients.  Not only do we find that our partners provide space solutions, they often need storage and fulfillment solutions themselves.

  • Client needs can ebb and flow.  When a warehouse partner needs more space, they contact us!

  • Utilize the other side of our platform to create a client listing and project card.

  • Our partnerships with transportation and logistics companies give us a unique perspective on solving supply chain challenges.

  • Warehowz is more than just a platform. It is an extension of your team saving valuable time and resources.

Make the Warehowz Solution Work for You. List Space Now!